Our mission is to provide opportunities for inclusive movement arts for our diverse community.

Financial Assistance Important Points:

GLIMA scholarships for students in need Of Financial Assistance is Possible through the generosity of our donors. 

  1. To apply for financial assistance, please fill out the application provided on the website.
  2. The amount and number of scholarships that we are able to provide is based on how many applications we receive, how much allotted funding we have, and the information provided in the financial assistance form.
  3. Our programs run year round. Applicants may apply at any time during the program year and the scholarships will cover 6 months of training.
  4. We offer partial and full scholarships financial assistance for Qualified applicants. A $35 annual registration fee is required, and is valid until the end of the current program year.
  5. Anyone is eligible to apply. Preference is given to individuals who in addition to demonstrating financial need also show an aptitude and desire for learning yoga, dance or Martial Arts.
  6. Scholarship recipients must attend a minimum of 75% of the classes in a particular session and participate in GLIMA’s performances, fundraisers and events.

Note: we take extenuating circumstances into consideration and do not base our decision based solely on income. Please feel free to apply particularly if you think our services can help you to overcome a difficult current life situation.  Email us at info@glima.org if you’d like to discuss your situation.




GLIMA Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for financial assistance from GLIMA Scholarship Fund. Please fill out this form so that we may better determine the level of financial assistance we can provide for you. Income verification documents are to be submitted separately. If you are granted a scholarship, you must fill and submit a signed agreement to receive the assistance. Note: there is a one-time annual program registration fee of $35, which is to be paid by the student. If you have any questions, please email us at info@glima.org.
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Note: you may submit these Documents at info@glima.org as pdf or photo. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for the purpose of verifying income.