Volunteer Opportunities



Once you experience GLIMA’s impact on our community, you may wish to participate at a deeper level and be a part of GLIMA’s family by serving as a volunteer. Being a volunteer can be rewarding in many ways – starting with the fulfillment of helping others to achieve their goals. As a volunteer, you can also learn valuable skills on how to be an Inclusive instructor of the movement arts.



Job Description:

Class Assistant Volunteer:

The volunteer assistant position provides support by assisting students with movements and positions and helping the teacher maintain control of the classroom and class flow.

Essential Functions:

  • Physically assist students
  • Demonstrate movements and positions for students
  • Verbally guide and encourage students
  • Work in tandem with primary teacher and other volunteers to facilitate class exercises, handling of equipment and flow


  • Experience doing yoga, dance, and/or martial arts
  • Complete the GLIMA’s Application and waiver and release forms
  • Attend a GLIMA volunteer orientation session ( how to work with the special needs population, first aid cert and protocols, etc.) and complete the Safe Sport Certification before volunteering for a class





  • Get AAU membership & Background Check
  • Assist in a minimum of 2 classes per month
  • Attend on-going trainings (short sessions offered at regular intervals to learn techniques for assisting students)

Application Process:

  1. Check our  schedule  and arrange to view a GLIMA class in action that you have an interest in participating.
  2. Email info@glima.org with a short explanation of why you are interested in volunteering.
  3. Complete a GLIMA Volunteer Application
  4. Complete our Release and Waiver Form.
  5. Have a “Green Light” AAU membership  background check  or Complete one (Cost to applicant is $22) 


Additional Ways to Volunteer and help our Nonprofit Organization:

GLIMA Student Volunteer:

Projects or tasks the volunteers could participate include:This is an ideal position for students – high school and college – who are looking to build their resumes and want to add volunteer experience to it, or a retired person who wants to volunteer for a good cause, or really for anyone who wants to help because they want to see our organization grow!





    1. Outreach: posting giving out our flyers and information at neighborhood events
    2. Maintenance: assist with cleaning and care of the equipment
    3. Studio prep: prepare the yoga, dance or martial arts space for our classes, then help with break-down afterwards. Volunteers may stay for yoga class in between -space permitting.
    4. Administrative projects: help in completing a project, such as attendance sheets, nurturing donors, tagging customers in our CRM, or doing
      miscellaneous data entries, and other such tasks
    5. Updating our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram – regularly
    6. Doing website updates and periodic maintenance